available via SRT, Point to point & CDN delivery


ducktv could be best classified as a classic edutainment channel for toddlers. The target audience is children from 6 months to 3 years. ducktv programming philosophy uses the latest innovations in the development of cognitive capabilities and delivers content that has a positive emotional and educational impact on little viewers. The youngest children can hear ringing bells and nice music and see moving shapes that are similar to their experience with little toys hanging above their beds. Older children can recognize a variety of animals, vehicles or situations. ducktv finds it also very important to show a variety of relationships between the characters, for example, mother-child, father-child or relationships with friends. Children can learn all this unconsciously while watching TV. The spectrum of programming moves through a wide-scale: from easily watchable figurative animations to mini-cartoon series and real-life shows. The animated episodes are 2 minutes to 4 minutes long so it will hold the attention of the children. Programs will give a helping hand to parents in playing and learning with their babies.